Sugar Rush

Like sweets? Ever have one too many? Ever feel like you don’t wan’t that sugar high to end? Well thats the brief that was set for me towards the end of last year. A beauty style candy themed photoshoot. A mix of props and sweet based makeup were to be the main elements for the images with a little attitude thrown in for good measure. I was very fortunate to be able to team up with a talented Make Up Artist and enthusiastic and creative model. The images we captured on this shoot started off with subtle inclusions of props before descending into a full on sugar rush, I mean what else would you call downing hundreds and thousands from a martini glass? My team consisted of Karen Mackintosh on make up and Sarah Fisher Webb modelling. The reason why its taken me so long to share this shoot is because its been awaiting a magazine publication, which I am very happy to say was released this week so I can now share the resulting images. 

Published in Emote Magazine