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In a nutshell

Kolokial Shots is based in South East Essex. Its run by me, Ian.  I offer relaxed, friendly and professional photographic services. I shoot Headshots for actors and Business professionals,  Creative Portraits,  Model Portfolios and various other portrait based styles of photography.

All about you

 I don’t pose you, I coach you.
I believe that having your picture taken should not be a scary experience, many people I know shy away from cameras, they say things like I don’t like my face, I’m not pretty, I’m not photogenic. These responses encourage a feeling of stress and anxiety, so  I work as hard as I can to keep you relaxed and enjoying the experience of having your photo taken. I have an array of techniques to do this, one of them is simply by asking questions. When was the last time you pretended to be a viking? See that right there, you forgot all about  pictures and started to think about something else and that is how I use conversation whilst taking pictures to get the best possible images of you. You all deserve a great portrait of yourself and I can help with that, just by having a chat.

Outside the studio

My approach doesn’t change even when working on location. I believe that an element of fun while working is a key ingredient to getting the best possible results from whoever I’m working with, so when I get away from the studio to shoot on location laughter and running around like a unleashed Labrador puppy is to be expected. I aim to make my conversations with you not only one you’ll enjoy but remember for every photo you have taken after. 

See for yourself

Here you’ll be able to view some of our previous work…